Dear friends!

Give your friends and colleagues dinner at the best restaurant in Moscow according to Tripadvisor
As a special date or a birthday approaches, many of us are tormented by the thought of choosing a perfect gift for the loved ones, friends or colleagues
A gift certificate to Sabor de la Vida Restaurant
A unique gift for any occasion that allows the lucky recepien to visit the restaurant and enjoy the quality experience that is already paid for!
Which values of the certificates are available?
3000 roubles and more
How can I pay for the certificate?
- With a bank card on our website
-With cash or a bank card at the restaurant
Which forms of the certificate are available?
-An electronic certificate
-An elegant gift envelope that includes a restaurant card with a unique number code
How can I receive the certificate?
-Via an e-mail
-Delivery service within MRR
-In the restaurant with the help of the receptionist
How much does the delivery cost?
-Free for certificates delivered within the TTR, as well as certificates for over 10000 roubles within MRR

-Certificates with value under 10000 roubles are transported beyond the TTR within MRR by non-affiliated transport services at their rates (estimated at the time of delivery).
How fast are the certificates delivered?
On the next day or on any later date of your choice
What is the certificate validity period?
Valid indefinitely.
Can the certificate be used on multiple occasions?
The gift certificate has to be used in one visit.
Are the current promotions subject to certificate use?
The discounts and promotions in the Restaurant cannot be applied to the check that is covered by the gift certificate. If you are a holder of a Regular Guest card use may list its number when purchasing the certificate and receive a discount.
Obtaining a certificate
You are able to purchase a certificate valued no less than 3000 roubles and pay online or at the restaurant. If the final check exceeds the value of the certificate, the balance can be simply paid for.
Online payment
Over 3000 roubles. Once the payment with the bank card is processed, you will receive a transferable electronic Gift certificate on your e-mail.
Paying at the restaurant
Over 3000 roubles. You may purchase and receive the Gift certificate at the restaurant.
Form for questions
If you still have questions about certificates, fill out the form below. Our managers will be happy to help you.
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